In the early part of 2018, Elders Philip Conley and Chris Crouse began discussing the need for a new hymnal, smaller in scale than most of the recent hymnals, and one where each lyric, melody and harmony needed to be carefully considered for Biblical soundness, and suitability for worship.

After carefully combing through hymnals and putting together the majority of the hymn list that now comprises Worship the King: An Old School Baptist Hymnal, Elders Conley and Crouse after prayer and deliberation, believed there was sufficient need and desire to move forward. With this, Worship the King Hymnal Corporation began to take shape.

It was clear the hymnal would be a massive undertaking needing expertise from many avenues. With that in mind, the following men were selected to serve on the Board of Directors: Elder Jerry Anstey (Golden Gate Church, CA), Brother Jamie Arnold (Little Union Church, FL), Elder James Conley (Union Church, MS), Elder Philip Conley (Cool Springs Church, GA), Elder Chris Crouse (Little Union Church, FL), Brother Caleb Howell (Cool Springs Church, GA), Brother Vinson Howell (Cool Springs Church, GA) and Brother Randy Miller (Little Union Church, FL).

This hymnal was built from the ground up with the hard work and dedication of the men on the Board, and with the help of their wives. Each song had to be built in a music software, proofread multiple times, then placed in a final layout program. Some on the Board had knowledge of the music software, others music itself, others design abilities, other financial acumen and so forth. So with the help of these 8 men and their families, and no doubt the grace of God, Worship the King was finished.

The Board is above all thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for what is believed to be His favor on this endeavor, and thankful that along the way there’s been a lot of encouragement from God’s people stating this work is a needed work.

This hymnal is not perfect, as the men involved are not perfect. It does represent the best efforts of good men, and it is our hope it will bring glory to God as His people worship Him from the pages of this hymnal.

By His Grace,
Worship the King Hymnal Corporation