In the Preface of Worship the King we wrote, “We believe since the Psalms were inspired and recorded, there have been no other infallible hymnals, nor do we claim this to be.” We also asked, “Where our labors fall short, and we know they must…, please lay that rightly at our feet.” We regret to have to make this public acknowledgement and apology; however, in the compiling of Worship the King we failed to give proper annotation of arrangements of several hymns. We assure you this was not intentional. We are thankful this has been brought to our attention in the 1st year the hymnal is in circulation, this allows us to correct our error early in the circulation of Worship the King.

There were a number of hymns that were arranged for, and were duly noted in the 2004 edition of the Primitive Baptist Hymnal that were part of the 2018 & 2019 printings of Worship the King. The vast majority of these arrangements had changes such as timing and key signature changes from previous hymnals. In looking at many hymnals to compile Worship the King, we in error failed to acknowledge these edits to arrangements. We extend our deepest apologies to Elder Bryce Lowrance, who arranged the hymns in question, and to those who publish the Primitive Baptist Hymnal. 

We also humbly ask our Brothers and Sisters in Christ to please forgive our oversight and be charitable to us.

We have learned in the compilation of a hymnal that there are many important details that are easy to overlook. This has given us a greater respect for those who undertake such a monumental task.

We are continuing to look over Worship the King for errors of all kinds (typos, misplaced notes, annotations, etc…) and expect with each printing to continually improve. Before the next order of hymnals are printed we hope to have every hymn correctly annotated.

May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless those who tell a brother his fault, and those willing to hear. May our Lord bless us all as we diligently seek to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

By His Grace,

The Board of Directors of Worship the King Hymnal Corporation