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Little Things


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By Elder T. L. Webb, Sr.

As Worship the King Hymnal Corp. began to branch out and republish out-of-print works, we sought the advice of several ministers about which books would be best, and most needful for our people. This work by Elder T. L. Webb, Sr. was recommended to us by more than one.

Elder Webb was born in Tennessee in 1874, then later moved to Texas where he was baptized in Fannin County (interestingly, the same county that United States Representative and United States Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn resided) in 1900 and served the Lord’s faithfully until his death in 1954, over half a century.

Elder Webb traveled and wrote extensively, he served as Editor for a time of a periodical devoted to the moral living of younger people entitled, Young Folks, and served as Associate Editor of several Primitive Baptist periodicals.

In this work Elder Webb writes on many different subjects. He never claimed to be a great theologian; however, he was very knowledgeable of God’s Word. He was very effective in preaching the gospel, and writing on its various topics in a way common people could learn.

It’s our great job at Worship the King Hymnal Corp. to bring this good work back into print again.

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